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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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places like martinsberg as you headed up and out the door. we're warming up slowly. a decent day today with temperatures in the upper 20s to about 30 and a nice warm-up tomorrow. let's start with a look at the current numbers and we're still bitter cold. 19 degrees at reagan national. look at the north and west, a lot of single-digits. dulles is 7. winchester is 8. hagerstown is 7. baltimore is now 11. a little better close to the bay. patuxent naval air station 18 degrees. and we're looking at satellite radar and i know you will focus off to the south and west and say what is going on with the snow shower activity? that is a warm front pressing through the area later today and tonight. we'll have clouds out there during the course of the day and a partly sunny day and later tonight temperatures still below freezing but warmer than this morning and as we get into tomorrow, our high temperatures will top out in the 40s. so gradually improving forecast for the next couple of days and then things break down the middle of the week. partly sunny skies, cold continues. 0 degrees. i mentioned things breaking
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down during the week. we still have a storm on the way. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. allison an tony, back to you >> we continue to follow our developing story along the beltway in prince george's county. >> now right now the inner loop of the beltway is still shut down between 214 and ritchie marlboro road. sarah simmons is live at the scene of that break this morning with more. sarah? >> reporter: tony and allison, we have moved. we were on the beltway this morning which is still shut down. but where we are is not too far from the beltway. this is the site. this is much worse hours ago. wssc said this was gushing 9 feet into the air. this is the site where this occurred. a 50-inch water main break. the cars that we are seeing, and if you have businesses here, they believe these are cars that belong to others who
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were parked here. we don't know exactly who whose -- whose they are but there are cars here. but you can see where the water had rushed into a building here, destroying a business. we're if the process of trying to track down business owners here but you can see a lot of devastation from this water main break. now we talked to a gentleman just a little while ago who has a business on the other side of here. his reaction to coming by and seeing this, this morning. take a listen. >> words are hard to describe. this is something you have to see to actually get the full benefit of it, this type of devastation. >> reporter: now take a look at video we shot this morning on the inner loop of the beltway. this is between central avenue and ritchie marlboro road. it is still shut down. highway crews have been out there and salting the area but they are gradually trying to hopefully get lanes open but at this point it is still shut
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down. it's unclear how long it will be because wssc is still at this hour trying to shut down the water main. they are telling us there are several valves that they have to get to and that they might be about halfway finished with shutting down the water main right now. this is a very large water main, to put it in perspective. wssc told us that the river road water main break, you may remember from a year or so ago, a 66-inch water main and that took six hours to shut down entirely. so this water will be rushing here for a while. as for water outages for some folks, we are hearing reports from people in oxon hill, temple hills and suitland that they are without water. wssc said that is a possibility. people south of central avenue in prince george's county may be experiencing low water pressure, possibly some spotty outages as they are still trying to shut down the water main. so at this point they don't have any idea if there are consistent outages. but again this is a magnificent scene to look at. when you first look at this,
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see the water still rushing. no one has been injured. these cars were sitting here but it's just a devastate -- devastating sight to see this morning. they will be out here several more hours here. we'll have the latest coming up for you on fox 5 fuse at 5:00. back to you, tony and allison. >> the pictures are extraordinary. thank you. so what is the best workaround? let's check in with julie wright. >> the best would have been at 4:00 a.m. but now it's just congese. we have major tie-ups to report for those coming inbound off of the bw parkway out of laurel to the beltway and then from the beltway toward pennsylvania avenue. a good 50-minute ride at this point trying to get in. inbound on 50, trying to avoid the beltway. delays from bowie to the beltway just 20 minutes about then from the beltway into
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northeast washington. so over an hour drive as you travel into 50 and the parkway into northeast washington and avoid the beltway. the beltway still closed off at 214 central avenue with all traffic headed inbound. a left turn on to hampton park and a left on to ritchie marlboro is a workaround but significant tieups with the water still gushing. once the water is turned off then they have to treat the road because of icy conditions. so we've been seeing icy conditions as a result of the water on the beltway. the outer loop is open and dry as you travel between andrews afb and college park. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. another traffic issue to watch out for today. you can expect crowds in the district today for the march for life. there is a mass at the verizon center this morning marking the anniversary of roe versus wade. and then a march to the supreme
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court. 7th street northwest near the verizon center will close along with parts of 4th street northwest, constitution avenue northwest and 1st street forth east near the supreme court. tony. another big story this morning, the state of the union speech. president obama is expected to focus in on the economy, specifically jobs, spending and the deficit. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the president is still making last-minute changes in tomorrow's state of the union address. but republicans are not waiting for the details. the white house will say this, president obama will strike something of a fiscally conservative tone at the state of the union address and even his one-time republican rival was taking notes. >> i think the president has already changed a great deal. tomorrow night he's going to be talking about cutting spending. that's what the message of the november election was. >> reporter: but while the
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president will talk about reining in deficit spending, he'll talk about spending in certain areas like infrastructure and education. something democrats are trying to defend. >> and so, yes, we have to cut and there is a lot of waste in the government and we will join with our colleagues and the president to do it but certain key investments we'll speak. >> any time they want to spend they call it investment so i think the treasurer will talk about investing a lot on tuesday night. >> reporter: and as he talks about that and other agenda items sh the crowd will have a much different look with many republicans and democrats agreeing to sit together. >> by new senate -- my new senate republican colleague will sit together. i'm bringing the popcorn and he's bringing a coke with two straws. i'm just kidding of course. >> reporter: but that spirit of bipartisanship may be tough to maintain. republicans are trying to one- up the president by cutting the budget back to 2008 levels. in washington, doug luzader,
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fox news. >> and you can catch the president's state of the union address here on fox 5 tomorrow fight at 9:00 following glee. you can see it on also. republican george allen is expected to announce today his plans to reclaim the u.s. senate seat from virginia in 2012. according to the associated press, he'll make his plans official in a video to be e- mailed this afternoon to long- time supporters. the 58-year-old lost the seat five years ago to democrat jim web. new details this morning in the investigation into the death of former white house staffer john wheeler. a cab driver in delaware told authorities he gave wheeler a ride two days before the 66- year-old's body was found at a landfill on new year's eve. he said he drove him to a nearby hotel and described him as being chatty. wheeler was wearing only a sports coat and slacks, despite the cold weather. authorities haven't disclosed how he died but have ruled it a
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homicide. in maryland, the mayor of berwyn heights will attend a hearing for an on going lawsuit over a 2008 raid at his home. a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed shy calvo's two dogs. deputies were sent to a home because a package containing marijuana was delivered there. it was cleared and saying it was likely a scheme targeting unsuspected people. he plans to address the media after today's hearing. the suspect in the death of a d.c. teenager. lettisha frazier vanished in august. pearledy is -- her body is still missing. police won't say how frazier died through they believe it happened on trenton place in southeast. a few days ago they got a tip. >> we were persistent in trying to seek the community's assistance and it's way tip from somebody in the community
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that led us to somebody else that eventually led to being able to close the case. >> police arrested 23-year-old brian gaither. investigators say they have enough evidence to help prosecute gaither without the body. pieces of american history up for auction. earns that once stood at the arlington national cemetery. so why is the army investigating? that is coming up. and you've heard about potential cancer clusters at ft. detrick. and now hear about concerns from someone who works on the base that shares the same concerns. keep it here. fox 5 morning news is back right after the break. before we take you to break, let's take a look at stories we've been following. a water main break shut down parts of the inner loop, the beltway and prince george's county. what you are looking at here are live pictures of that gushing break. more on this story throughout the hour and on we'll be right back. 
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pieces of american history up for sale and now the army is investigating. two 9-foot tall erns that once stood at amphitheater are on the auction block. they are on display in alexandria. the urns are at the auction on the eastern shore. the pieces were removed during a renovation in the mid-90s. the current owner bought them from a dealer in the late 90s and got them from the company that did the renovation. the washington post is the army is investigating how the urns ended up on a private auction block. >> our client, the owner, purchased them over 14 years ago on the open market and he has had them for sale on the
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open market for 14 years. so from every indication that we've had, he has clear title. >> fox 0 spoke with the owner and he said he is glad they are safe from being demolished. the auction is set for sunday. a former worker at ft. detrick is speaking out for the first time about possible chemical cob tam nation -- contamination and his bout with a rare form of cancer. until now it's only residents near the base worrying about a possible cancer cluster tied to ft. detrick. roby chavez had a been -- has been investigating for months and has the details you'll only see here on fox 5. >> reporter: each day through the gates of the ft. detrick, thousands of workers and outside contractors go to work. >> it is one of the rarest of all. >> reporter: tonight one former worker and cancer survivor is sounding the alarm over work conditions. >> this has got to stop now.
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so i'm here to help the contractors that have worked there. because they are not talking of course. they are probably still working there. i'm not. >> reporter: john chanel said back in 2004 he went to the military base to upgrade security systems. when he was brought to his work space on base, bells went off immediately. >> first thing that concerned me was the labels on the door. two double doors on a loading dock going into the building with warning signs on each one. you see little stickers of the contaminants of the levels in each area. >> reporter: he remembers several long-time workers at detrick were also concerned. one warned him that the building had been off limits to others for years. >> first of all he couldn't believe we were in the building and how we got in there. and he was extremely upset. he was concerned we were in that part of the building because that's where they had poured all of these contaminants in the sinks that had flowed out to the
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chesapeake bay. >> reporter: despite pleas about the building, he was forced to work there for a year, at times for eight hours a day. >> every day was very concerns when i walked in the door and, yes, the more i investigated i saw these pipes coming out of the wall and into sinks and on the other side of the wall it was a warehouse full of 55- gallon drums. that really concerned me. >> reporter: five years after he left the job at ft. detrick he was diagnosed with a fair form of sinus cancer. it is a moment that john and kelly chanel will never forget. >> we didn't put the two and two together until he got sick. and then when he got sick it kind of just -- the light bulb went off. >> reporter: now the couple has one lingering question, did exposure to ft. detrick have anything to do with his cancer? it's something they may never know because the current cancer cluster investigation does not include them or any of the thousands of workers who go
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through these gates. >> what upsets me more is that he won't be counted in the cancer cluster because he doesn't live there and that he is a contractor. he's nobody. he counts as nothing. >> now looking back as a cancer survivor john chanel wishes he would have walked away from the job that day but trusted he was getting the truth. now he's not so sure. >> i was told the building is clean and not to worry, that they guarantee me the building is clean and there is nothing in there, hasn't been anything in there for years and there is nothing for us to worry about. >> reporter: we again reached out to ft. detrick to comment about the building chanel worked at and atal -- and the allegations but nobody at ft.
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detrick would appear on camera and no one would return our phone calls or e-mails. roby chavez, fox 5 news. two supporters of the those supplying documents to wiki leaks saying they were detained at quantico marine corp base yesterday when they arrived to visit army private first class bradley manning. a spokesperson for quantico said the car was towed because they could not provide proof of insurance and tags were expired. he said they were not detained. manning is being detained whether the army determine whether he will be tried. a series of explosion killed 18 people in bagdad today. it seems to target crowds gathered for islamic rituals. there is no claim of responsibility. iraqi police believe the attack was meant to undermine security ahead of the arab league summit
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held in bagdad in march. a driver in canada is lucky to be alive after barely missing a spectacular crash. the driver happened to be filming on a dash cam while on the road. watch to the left as the semi- truck comes crashing through the barrier and breaks up into pieces. the driver swerves out of the way just in time. there is another semi tractor- trailer just to her right, and inches to spare. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. we're told the truck driver is being charged with careless driving. that is incredible. >> it looks like something out of a movie. like an action movie. >> oh, man. i don't know why they have a dash cam. i don't know if it was an official vehicle or what. extraordinary. coming up, paul rafael is in for holly this morning and hanging out at the library. paul? >> reporter: i'm at the tenly friendship library that will open to the public later today. but we're getting a first look
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at the space that holds 55,000 books, dvds and other library materials. that is coming up. allison? first here is a look at today's trivia question. the british television program until death do us part, in spired what seares? all in the family, married with children, you're hearing that theme song, eight is enough or the brady bunch. the answer is coming up later. but you can take a guess right now on our facebook page. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. ♪ spread a little love today
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♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ dee dee dee ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me [ female announcer ] now you can take your philly even further with new philadelphia cooking creme. back now with another look at our still-developing story this morning. a water main break shut down the inner loop of the beltway in prince george's county. this is a live look at the gushing break. water on the beltway has had water at the inner loop closed since 4:00 this morning.
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more on this throughout the hour as we get it. now to breaking news. we are getting word of a deadly explosion at moscow's busiest airport. there is a report that two dozen people have been killed in the blast. it happened at doma airport just outside of moscow during the last hour. the explosion occurred inside the international arrivals hall. that is all of the information we have at this time. and following breaking news in ohio where an entire village was told to evacuate because of natural gas problems. 3200 people living in fair port harbor near cleveland were told to shut off their gas lines and get in cars and get out. the fox affiliate said a major gas leak has led to fires in the area. it's unclear whether anyone is hurt. folks are told they can stay in their homes but still need to shut the gas off. >> and now to the latest on the
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tragedy in tucson. accused gunman jared loughner will appear in a phoenix court today for the attempted murd of gabrielle giffords and two of her aids. he faced charges in state and federal court. experts say he will likely plead not guilty by reason of insanity. there is speculation that the case may be moved to san diego. however, late last night the u.s. attorney for arizona filed a request to have all future hearings in tucson. meanwhile, congresswoman giffords condition continues to improve. the superbowl is set. we have at yesterday's playoff games and a look ahead to the big game itself.
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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the superbowl iv match up
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is set. it is the steelers versus the packers. >> the steelers won 24-19 against the jets yesterday. and we are joined this morning by a little monday morning quarterback. >> are you happy with the match- ups. >> i'm not invested. >> i watched it all. >> this is the best possible matchup. >> considering who was left, yes. >> not bad. because we were a couple of quarters away from having caleb hanie being a superbowl quarterback. >> he got my respect yesterday. >> but the better teams did win, thank goodness. let's start off with the best game of the day, the steeler and jets game. late in the second quarter with the steelers up 10-0. there is ben roethlisberger, rolling on in. everyone thinks this is over 17- 0. and it got worse for the jets because the jets, just before the end of the first half, finally scored. they were down 24-0 when this
9:31 am
happened. mark sanchez, look out. did you think it was a fumble or incomplete pass? >> i don't know. >> i looked at it 20 different times and i still can't make a decision. they called it a fumble on the field and they kept this and this led to rex ryan being unhappy. >> we should cut away. i can read his lips. >> don't read lips there. it was a hard-fought game. i agree. i tip my cap to the jets for the comeback. but let's hear from the winning coach mike tomlin. >> we have a close-knit group and a great leadership and we have a lot of components that make navigating the war possible and that's why i'm happy and appreciative of their efforts. >> the type of guy, mike tomlin, that i would run through a wall for. i like his bravado. >> me too. >> and jay cutler had some knee issues, trying to ride a bike and that didn't work out. so here goes the guy we talked
9:32 am
about, the aforementioned cutler and then rajai. our star in the making, had one more chance and picked off been sam shields and that was game set match. packers move and will face the steelers here on fox 5. maybe the most highly watched superbowl of all time. when we talk about the history of the nfl, two teams you have to bring to the table, steelers and the green bay packers for nostalgia stake. >> and the nfl has had the highest rates overall this season. >> apparently yesterday's games were great ratings for both networks. thank goodness for us. and i think it's a great match- up. probably the best one when you went into the playoffs. which is surprising because the packers were a six seed. >> i know. >> they had to go on the road to win three games and they did
9:33 am
it. so congratulations to both teams. one humdinger of a superbowl. >> and it airs on fox and the program is this thursday, eight days of pregame. >> and we'll not get into predictions. we have plenty of time to talk about that. we'll have to break down the tape, go into the war room and then come out and make our picks. >> dave, didn't the redskins beat the packers earlier in the year. >> and the bears. >> so they should be in the superbowl, conceivably, right? >> that is a stretch. [ laughter ] >> i like where you are going, but i can't get there with you. it is possible they will be in the superbowl. >> you know what the bears needed yesterday, rex grossman? >> they were starting to call people down from the stands. anybody? can anything throw. thank you, dave. great weather for the games yesterday. that's football weather. you don't want 72 indoors.
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temperatures were in the single- digits by the end of the steelers game. and in the single-digits this morning. >> it took a while for my car to heat up. >> my car died on the way to work. >> that's the whole other stor >> sorry, tony. >> let's get to the numbers. more on tony's car coming up in a minute. 21 at reagan national. we're warming up after overnight lows. we were 18 and 17 here in town. but a lot of single-digits during the overnight hours. martinsberg was 5 degrees when i got here at 4:00 this morning. 16 at dulles. frederick is now 19. 19 in annapolis. leonardtown warming up, 10 overnight and 23 now. so you get the idea. gradual warm-up todays. not warm this afternoon but with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20s to about 30, it should feel better than this morning. and this is the end of the extreme cold for the time being as we have warmer air on the way. here is your hd radar.
9:35 am
fairly quiet conditions. we do have light snow showers off to the west. this is a warm front coming through later in afternoon and tonight. so later tonight, our overnight lows only in the mid-20s. it should feel better out there for you tomorrow morning. and then as we get into the afternoon tomorrow, we should have a little bit of sunshine for the first half of the day and warmer temperatures. maybe low to mid 40, but enjoy tomorrow because more cold and more storminess on the way as we get into the middle of the week. here is your future cast. and i know what you want to talk about. let's talk about the storm system for wednesday. today no problems, this is just into the afternoon. just clouds out there, kind of partly sunny afternoon. tomorrow no problems. mid-40s. cloudiness during the afternoon. and then here we go. here is your future-cast. by early wednesday morning, i want to put question marks around this because it's still subject to change. the storm hasn't developed yet. but it looks like starting off with a -- with a brief storm.
9:36 am
south and east it looks like rain. but we never warm up so we're in the mix, right on the edge of the rain and snow during the whole day. and then at 6:00 or 7:00 as the system drags it will change over to a period of snow. at least according to future- cast. so between 5:00 and 6:00 at night it will be snowing. and then it will push off to the north and east. so an all-day event on wednesday. the worst will be the second half as the snow arrives during the late day but temperatures critical as we get into the middle of the week. today 30 degrees your daytime high. partly sunny skies and a little warmer than it was yesterday. 25 the overnight low. so not as cold tonight. and here is your five-day forecast. again, mid-40s tomorrow. warmer and clouds move in tomorrow afternoon. and then there is your mixed mess on wednesday. we have to fine-tune the forecast a little bit. it is certainly possible there will be accumulating snow for some of us and where and when we'll have to pin point and thursday and friday we'll get it out of here with high
9:37 am
temperatures in the upper 30s. that's a look at the forecast. allison and tony back to you and more on tone's car. >> thank you, tucker. we'll shelf that for now. thank you. are you going to do the thing? >> i thought you were going to do that. well let's let you know -- >> in temple hills, maryland. >> cork ran preschool kindergarten is closing at 11:30. that is new information due to the water main break. >> thank you, tony. the entertainment and fitness world mourning the loss of one of their own. before the fitness fad. long before. jack la lane is next. >> he was the original hulk -- i meant to say hunk. >> he was a hunk. look at him. plus the cold weather may have you wanting to get out and participate in winter sports. we'll show you a new twist to a
9:38 am
winter game next. [ music ] >> but first -- i love this song. here is a look at the trivia question. the brissish television program until death do us part inspired what popular american tv series? all in the family, married with children, eight is enough or the brady bunch? the answer is coming up later. much more ahead this morning. lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days
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the romantic comedy no strings attached starring ashton kucher and natalie portman dominated the box office this weekend despite lackluster reviews. the filth raked in $20.3 million.
9:42 am
and behind that the green hornet. rounding out the top five was the dilemma, the king's speech and true grit. and we are remembering the life of a legend. jack la lane who pioneered exercise on television has died. he inspired many to trim down and pump iron before exercise was a national obsession. he workout show ran from the 1950s to the '70s. he died from respiratory failure yesterday. and exercised right up until the end. he is quoted as saying, the only way you can hurt the body is not using it. >> and still looked good right up to the end. >> still did. and full of energy. there is a new way to enjoy the winter. couch skiing -- or skouching. here is how it works. you screw your skis on to the bottom of the couch and push it it the top of the hill and jump on the cushions and then ride. >> as least it's cozy as you go
9:43 am
down. you can snuggle up. >> you can ski with the whole family. that is crazy, but it does look fun. well they may not come to mind when you think about adopting a pup, but pit bulls need a good home too. we're talking about this pretty girlment her name is emma. we'll tell you about emma and talk about the breed itself when we come back. >> plus we'll check out a new d.c. library that is opening its doors today. keep it here. we'll be back right after the break. it's 9:43.
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theneww tenly friendship library opens today. >> paul rafael is there to learn about the brand new branch. >> reporter: they are about to open up. everybody is getting the nice
9:47 am
details situations and wiping down the shelves and glass and we're getting the first look today. i'm going to bring in jenny cooper, the chief linen-- librarian. >> congratulations to the neighborhood. they get their new library. we are open at 10:00 today and until 9:00 tonight and open six days a week from now on. >> reporter: so talk about how long the project took? >> the construction took 13 months but as the neighbors will tell you it has taken years ab years for several -- several different reasons to get where we are now. >> reporter: this is not just a plain building. it is very sleek. >> it's a beautiful building and you can see a number of green features here. the fins on the windows help to make sure that the south light doesn't come in being too hot and warming up the building too much. and you and i are standing on on a -- on a raised floor which
9:48 am
means there is space under for the electric and heating and cooling. and there is about 55,000 books here. so that's great. >> and you said a fun statistic earlier. >> and one of the things about the books that people take out of the library. about 85% of what they take home is not what they came to the library for. >> reporter: so they found new treasures after they visit? >> exactly. >> reporter: and you don't have to visit the library to utilize it. >> you can use it from your home. can i show you on my ipad. >> reporter: yes. how does this work? >> this is my ipad and i have it open to the library website and downloadable media. you can get a library card online. >> reporter: and you don't have to live in the district to visit. >> that's correct. all of the libraries in this area have res ip rossity, so people from d.c. can use libraries from d.c. and
9:49 am
virginia and vice versa and we thinks that wonderful to make it as convenient as possible for everybody to use the library where they work and live. so this is the downloadable media section and you can down load to your computer, some things to your iphone or to the nook or the sony e-readers and i lice -- and i like to license -- to listen to the books. >> reporter: and then books and cds and dvds. tony and allison i got you each a book. -- tony, i got you climate. and allison, i got you fierce styles, the book. >> i love that. appreciate that.
9:50 am
so gurvir gets charlotte's web and i got the fierce book. when most of us think about adding four-legged friends, pit bulls are usually not the first breed if we are being honest. cute fluffy little dogs have better chances and the onces with the worst chances of adoption is the pit bull. joining us now our friend debbie mars den, foster aid. and emma is our solo star because we're trying to get her a good home. hi, debbie. >> hi. >> i want to be candid and honest about the breed and what the breed -- who is best suited to take home a dog like emma. but first let's talk about her story. it is a sad one. >> but it's the story of many pit bulls. a pit bull has less than a 10% chance of survival when they are given up. some communities that are banning them and they are killed immediately when they go
9:51 am
into a shelter. they are sweet and affectionate. look at her. she's fun and fast, likes to play. and what people don't know is that they are greet family dogs. that's what is really surprising about that, is that they were considered nanny dogs. some of the pit bulls from history, petey from the little rascals and the producer chose a pit bull because they are so great with kids. >> and i was reading that the decline after the second world war and that's when it took on the breed -- the breed bam less popular. and too, if we are being honest, we see a lot of fighting dogs and for criminals and that image is not good. >> that's the key point in the sentence, it's the criminals that are the problem. and the reason they choose pit bulls is because they are so eager to please. and a fact that i learned recently is that they breed
9:52 am
them to be friendly to humans -- and aggressive to others. and in a fighting rink, the dog can't turn on them. so even the worst of the dogs are not aggressive to humans. >> that is a very interesting point. >> i was shocked when i learned that. but you can have a fighting dog who will attack you of course. so they have to be able to be handled. and even the dogs after so much abuse are still so eager to please. >> and we've seen the most notorious case is the michael vick case. he's done his time and this is not about michael vick but it's what we learned because some of those dogs were adopted out. >> only one was euthanized and the others were placed in sanctuaries and many are therapy dogs. i just finished reading that book and it's shocking. >> what kind of home would emma be good in? >> i consider her a special dog. now first i want to go back and say thank you. we were here three weeks ago
9:53 am
when we brought the puppies and we've had a hundred puppies go home. but we have another 0 -- 30 or 40 dogs sitting in foster care and emma is an extreme case. but we have beagles that can't go to homes with other dogs. so emma should be with a home without other dogs and kids. >> and if you watch the show, you know i will love up on the dogs. and the only reason i'm not doing that today is because she's nervous and we don't want to get her upset. >> yeah. >> so the next adoption event, you have them on sundays at the petco in fairfax. it's this sunday, right? >> it's this sunday and we still have puppies coming out of our ears, we have more than 70 on hand. >> and emma's foster dad is here today and the lost between them was -- you could feel that. so thank you, debbie, for all that you do. i hope you get a good home. although i wouldn't be
9:54 am
surprised if you stay where you are. we are back after the break with the answer to today's trivia question and we continue to follow our developing story this morning. a water main break shuts down the inner loop in prince george's county. that is a live look. we'll check back with sarah simmons coming up in just a bit. 
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9:57 am
well it's been the story since we went on at 4:25 this morning. it will be the story of the day. that massive water main break just off inner loop of the capital beltway in capital hights, maryland. >> let's look at the situation from sarah simmons live at the scene. >> reporter: we are at the location of the actual water main break and the water is still gushing even this many hours later. i just spoke with wssc, they are telling me that they have
9:58 am
four valves they had to shut off for the 54-inch water main. they have done three of them and they are working on the fourth. the water is still gushing and it will continue until they are able to get the valves shut off. it is something that is difficult and timely, it takes so much time because it's such a large water main. take a look at these vehicles. these have been toppled into this. from what we understand, the vehicles were parked here overnight, belong to some people that own the businesses through here, which you can see some of them have been totally destroyed. drywall has been ripped off, some of the businesses inside obviously, the winds have been blown out. i talked to the man who, buy the way, owns this car just to the left of this truck, i spoke to him just as he arrived and saw this on the scene, this is his reaction. >> i don't know what to describe because i just have -- i just have no idea what i'm looking at.
9:59 am
this is a car that i know, but it's now gone. >> reporter: this is something they are working on for quite sometime to get it shut off. the beltway, between ritchie marlboro, central avenue, still closed. they are working on that. still water flowing down from the inner loop. so this is going to be something they're dealing with all throughout the afternoon today. we're live here at capitol heights. back to you in the studio. >> it looks like an explosion happened there. thank you,. and let's answer the trivia question today. the british television program until us do part inspired what popular american tv series? you're listening to it. all in the family. [ music ] >> we thought it was married with children but we were wrong. your turn, tucker. >> it reminds me of being a kid. >> should we be watching that show as


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